Focus on the First-Mile
Responsible Supply Chains

Agricultural supply chains are not complicated, they are just very extensive. So we at MYA, through our Responsible Supply Chain (RSC) solutions business, map each and every piece of it. It is through our participation that we can influence the adoption of economicly and socially responsible practices of stakeholders operating throughout the value chain.

At the very heart of MYA's RSC are the people at the first mile of the supply chain - the rural farmers. We build revenue certainty for our rural producers, make transformational increases to the quality of their produce and ensure that they receive fair value for their produce. Everything else is secondary.

48 Hours. That is our maximum allowable turnaround time between an agri-product leaving a farmer's hand and arriving on a customer's doorstep. We have engineered our supply chain to minimize the amount of time our products spend in transit and processing to ensure our unmatched levels of freshness and quality.


Milk farmers collect milk in the early morning when cows are at peak production.

Produce is harvested before the heat of the day pulls moisture and nutrients from the produce.

"The Golden Hour"

MYA hygienically aggregates milk and produce from farmers within the first critical hour after collection to ensure maximum freshness.

Both milk and produce are consolidated at one of MYA's sanitary village Milk Collection Centers, where sorting and quality control takes place.


Milk and produce make their way from the Milk Collection Center to a series of central processing facilities.

MYA does not use cold storage transport, and instead minimizes the amount of time our milk is in transit between pouring and packaging.


Milk is pasteurized or receives ultra heat treatment (UHT) and is packaged at one of our Food Safety Administration-certified central processing facilities.

All produce passes through a second round of quality control inspection before it is prepared for delivery.


Both fresh produce and Milk Route-branded milk make their way to our Good Chain store or to one of the many re-sellers in our network.