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Value in Clusters

Procurement is core to our rural supply chain business model. To optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of our operation, we rely on rural clusters to maintain close working relationships with rural producers. Each cluster consists of a minimum of 2,500 farmers who supply milk, fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

We invest significant resources in terms of people, services, yield improvement programs, procurement and cold storage infrastructure, and logistics into a given rural cluster. Our farmers have come to rely on this platform and trust that their interactions with MYA staff translate into fair, timely compensation, trouble-shooting, and advice on how to improve the quality of their dairy and agricultural produce.

The support services provided by each cluster not only serve to benefit farmers, they also produce tremendous economic value in the rural setting. Each cluster generates Rs. 2.5 million in revenues for our producers in an average week, and brings in 15,000 litres of milk and over five tonnes of fruits and vegetables every day.

Commercial Value Creation
  • Milk at Lower Cost:
  • a) Increased efficiency in the traditional dairy supply chain
    b) Increased quality thanks to higher quality inputs.
  • Stronger Production:
  • a) Intense engagement with farmers means both development of complementary products and more revenue streams for the company
    b) Cluster-driven model creates higher capacity utilization of cattle assets
  • Efficiencies and Economies of Scale:
  • a) Proprietary channels opens new opportunities on product pricing
    b) Continued innovation harnesses new technologies to bolster revenues
    Social Value Creation
  • Viable Livelihoods in Farming:
  • a) Higher monthly per capita income for farmers
    b) Greater reliance on dairy as primary source of income for households
  • Improved Nutrition: Increased consumption of milk at home
  • Greater Rural Purchasing Power: Increased incomes allow expansion of basket of household assets