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Company Overview

MYA is a commercial enterprise with a social conscience that strives to ensure income-certainty for rural Indian farmers while delivering positive returns to shareholders. We achieve this by improving the productivity of small and marginal farmers, delivering high quality rural produce to consumers in urban markets, and ensuring the farmer realizes a larger portion of the end consumer price.

Through our network of 1,014 villages in 23 village clusters , we are able to connect 15,000 farmers with ready buyers across our 4,200 km transport network. With this infrastructure in place, we are able to facilitate much needed job creation and asset accumulation for the long-overlooked rural poor.

MYA was incorporated in October 2005 under the Companies Act, 1956 (No.1 of 1956) and the company is limited. The company conducts all of its supply chain management business under the MYA brand, and is also the parent company for the consumer-facing Good Chain retail store and Milk Route milk brands. The company launched operations in April 2006 and has continually developed a comprehensive model for wealth creation that incorporates upstream and downstream food production, processing, and sales operations.

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