The Good Chain

"Every item in a Good Chain store comes with a story. Customers know where their food comes from and who the farmer was who produced it." - Harsha Moily, MYA Chairman and Managing Director.

In 2013 MYA launched its Good Chain retail stores to connect Bangalore shoppers directly with vegetable, fruit and milk farmers from the remotest Karnataka villages. Stocking only the freshest and highest quality local ingredients, the stores are purely focused on regional agricultural products and do not sell other products or consumables. Produce is tagged with 'food miles' indicating the distance the item has travelled between the farmer to the city, and many items are time-stamped to verify freshness.

With their colorful design, clean layout, and natural lighting, the stores allow customers to experience the sights and smells of fresh produce and create a farm-to-table experience that is currently unmatched anywhere in India. The stores have also eschewed plastics and other artificial infrastructure in favor of natural woods and fabrics.

But Good Chain is about more than just fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. As with all MYA activities, the Good Chain is very aware of the positive benefits that Responsible Supply Chains can have on rural farmers. We see traceability not just as a verification of freshness, but also as a way to create awareness about the rural farmer at urban India's dinner table. In-store displays next to the produce will detail each supplier's story, and staff is educated on how the company eliminates middlemen to maximize returns to the farmers.