Quality Food for You

MYA retails milk, fruits and vegetables through MYA's retail stores, mobile stores and to food service outlets such as hotels, restaurants and caterers. Across all of these outlets, customers are guaranteed access to:

1. The Highest Quality: MYA provides the customer the highest quality of products and highest quality of service at the store.

2. A Fair Price: MYA pays a fair price to the farmers, one that covers the farmer's cost of production, their opportunity cost plus a minimum 20% profit for the farmer to invest in his family's future.

3. Responsible Sourcing: MYA procures produce through different farming techniques including organic, conventional and possibly "hybrid" systems, enabling food production at affordable prices for both farmers and consumers, while limiting the impact on the environment.

4. Direct Procurement From Farmers: MYA ensures that the farmer realizes a higher share of the end consumer price, thereby improving his income levels.

5. Information of "Food Kilometers": MYA is open about the distance travelled by the produce from farm to the retail store. We will use Food Kilometers as a key indicator of freshness, flavor and nutrients in the fruits and vegetables.