Farmer - First Supply Chains
What We Do

MYA is a commercial enterprise with a social conscience that strives to ensure income-certainty for rural Indian farmers while delivering positive returns to shareholders. We achieve this by improving the productivity of small and marginal farmers, delivering high quality rural produce to consumers in urban markets, and ensuring the farmer realizes a larger portion of the end consumer price.

  • MYA is solving the supply chain problem by establishing yield improvement programs and the procurement infrastructure where it is needed;
  • MYA is eliminating the middlemen by procuring directly from the farmer;
  • MYA is ensuring a higher share of the end consumer price by establishing the last-mile (consumer) connectivity and retailing the milk, fruits and vegetables through our own sales and distribution network.

MYA today employs 197 people and has built the capacity to service more than 15,000 farmers across 1,110 villages in the state of Karnataka, India.

Key Growth Initiatives

MYA is committed to achieving leadership in wealth creation in rural India. To achieve this, our business strategy is committed to improving:

  • Local Knowledge and Manpower
  • Demand Aggregation
  • Supply Aggregation
  • Quantity and Quality of Partnerships
  • Access to Technology

Our Partners

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